Knowledge Mobilization at Université de Montréal

With its tradition of excellence, the UdeM offers a wide range of research expertise, spanning from anthropology to zoonotic agent, as well as the entire range of research approaches and methodologies, fundamental to applied, clinical to evaluative. The University wishes to strengthen its knowledge mobilization (KM) capacity through the documentation of existing KM activities, and the scaling up or transfer of approaches from one sector to the other and aims to increase the impact of its research on society. Previous funding and support initiatives in UdeM have allowed developing innovative KM projects that represent the foundation of our planned support program.

The Bureau Recherche-Devloppement-Valorisation or BRDV (Office of research services) and its affiliated Centre d'expertise numérique pour la recherche or CEN-R (Center of digital expertise for research) are two services dedicated to research support and KM activities. The BRDV provides researchers with guidance on research funding and KM activities while the CEN-R supports the development and use of digital tools in the context of research and KM activities.

Our goals are:

  • providing an interactive portal on UdeM KM activities for both researchers and the community;
  • supporting and funding KM activities via an internal competition;
  • fostering networking activities among researchers and research users.