University of Guelph

The University of Guelph has strong traditions of community engagement and socially responsive research. One of the University‚Äôs key initiatives for supporting community engaged work is the Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship (ICES), situated in the College of Social & Applied Human Sciences. Since 2009, ICES has worked with local and regional organizations to build capacity for doing community engaged scholarship by:  

Engaging & supporting community

  • Responding to community research needs   
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships for multiple streams of activity  
  • Assisting in developing capacity to work with university  

Engaging & mentoring students

  • Supporting and training students to work on community driven research agendas  
  • Linking coursework and community identified needs  
  • Training students for faculty research support   
  • Developing capacity for community engaged scholarship through courses, workshops, and internships

Engaging & supporting faculty  

  • Brokering, facilitating and supporting faculty community engaged scholarship
  • Developing and maintaining community and institutional partnerships  
  • Developing faculty capacity for community engaged scholarship

One of ICES’ engagement mechanisms is the Research Shop, which serves as a portal between community and university research needs. Faculty and students work with community organizations and individuals to identify and address social problems, and develop policies for positive change. Currently, the Research Shop focuses on working with collaborations in Guelph and Wellington by developing and executing community-based research projects, placing students for community engaged learning, and facilitating knowledge mobilization.

At the Research Shop, areas of inquiry and research are diverse, reflecting the multiple needs of community partners to address complex social issues. However, the projects fall under a number of thematic areas, including social and environmental issues, community collaboration and engagement, and food security.

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